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Locking Dog Puzzle with 4 keys that have to be moved before treats can be eaten


Is your best furry friend desperate to be entertained, this Treat Puzzle with 8 hidden food slots and 4 large sliding trays will keep you pet entertained and also use their little grey cells. They will love showing off their skills to get their favorite treat. This double layered Treat Puzzle is made to last from laser quality MDF and birch faced plywood with no sharp corners, with no plastic parts not be around in 1000 years’ time.

The design of the puzzle means that your pet has to master 2 totally different ways of opening the puzzle to reach the treats, including coordinating the use of their nose and paw. The sliding drawers are only accessible when is the corresponding peg is pulled free. These pegs are retained in the puzzle after being released so no searching around the house for any missing parts. This Puzzle will help your pet develop basic problem-solving skills. I have made this puzzle after watching my dog approach to other puzzles that I have made.

Improve the IQ of your furry friend, train your pets’ sense of smell, let your dog enjoy the fun of feeding, become more active.

We have done extensive research into the colours dogs can see and have found they can only see yellow and blue, other colours are seen in grey scale (dichromatic vision) . I have also noted that the smaller the colour pallet the more our pets concentrate.

My Dog Puzzle Feeder is made from precision laser cut MDF and Birch faced plywood 250mm x 250mm x 43mm thick (9.75″ x 9.75″ x 1.5″), painted with non-toxic paint and finished with a clear non-toxic food safe oil.

The Dog Puzzle Feeder is only to be used with DRY dog food and PLEASE SUPERVISE your pet while the Puzzle is in use as dogs have strong jaws and if left unsupervised could damaged the Puzzle .

We have endeavoured to use the most cost effective environmentally friendly material’s available locally, to that end the main body is made from MDF and a hard-wearing top surface of Poplar faced plywood. When cleaning MDF please use a DRY cloth only

Please note that all puzzle feeders are made to order and will take 7/10 days to make as we have had an increase in orders we have to increase the dispatch time. Thank you for your patience.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 3 cm


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